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Have you ever thought about getting more from your products? Here at Tech Grease Monkey we can assure your products go the extra mile for you. Tech Grease Monkey brings you the solution in unifying audio, video, lighting, security, climate, communications, internet into one seamless experience. We take pride in being able to create a harmonious marriage of tech and design that functions in a way that you would never imagined would work and will simply amaze you on how effortless the process is. Get the most from your products, you deserve it.

When it comes to smart home and commercial automation control, Tech Grease Monkey's flexible and scalable expertise cohesively addresses control, automation, audio/video, telephony, digital display, lighting control, energy management and the media integration needs of today’s most advanced environments.

Tech Grease Monkey, Inc


Areas of expertise:  Home, Corporate, Retail, Green Design.